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Don't miss us on October 5th, 2019

        eSTEAM Festival, Sunter, SC

eSTEAM Festival, Downtown Sumter, SC

Please join us Saturday October 5th at 10 a.m. for the second downtown eSTEAM festival in downtown Sumter. Stop by our table for goodie bags. Sign up for a raffle, giving away 20 autographed books by Carmina De Alba and toys. Pick up information about  Bragg Literacy STRrEAM Institute of Sumter.

About 70 exhibitors and "experiences" will be on display at the downtown interactive fair, showcasing science experiments and careers in action. Giant inflatables for kids and adults to see will also be part of the festival and will detail various scientific processes.

There will be interactive games, face-painting, a science show and stage performances providing entertainment outside Central Carolina Technical College's Health Sciences Center at 133 S. Main St.

A Career Next Steps tent area will also be part of the festival to make adults aware of local job opportunities.

There will be a grand-opening ceremony at the beginning of the festival from 10 to 10:30 a.m.  followed by a parade. The festival will go until 2 p.m. Don't forget to mark your calendars and don't miss this fun-filled event.

Do Charter Schools Work?

Do Charter Schools Replicate?

Yes, a new study says. Time to take artificial caps off their success.   

High school students from the City on a Hill Charter Public School play the role of U.S. senators as they work to pass an immigration reform bill during a mock legislative session of the U.S. Senate chamber at the Edward M. Kennedy Institute in Boston, Massachusetts June 10, 2015. PHOTO: BRIAN SNYDER/REUTERS One critique of charter schools is that while a few energetic principals show success, it’s impossible to replicate. Not so, says a new study of Boston’s charters, which doubled from 16 schools to 32 in four years, even as they maintained their effectiveness.

“High school students from the City on a Hill Charter Public School play the role of U.S. senators as they work to pass an immigration reform bill during a mock legislative session of the U.S. Senate chamber at the Edward M. Kennedy Institute in Boston, Massachusetts June 10, 2015

One critique of charter schools is that while a few energetic principals show success, it’s impossible to replicate. Not so, says a new study of Boston’s charters, which doubled from 16 schools to 32 in four years, even as they maintained their effectiveness. appears that proven providers successfully transmitted hiring and pedagogical practices to new campuses,” the authors write in a working paper posted last week by the National Bureau of Economic Research. “Expansion charters generate achievement gains comparable to those of their parent schools.”


This is great news, especially given the magnitude of the extra learning: A year of attending one of these charter spinoffs, the study suggests, improves math scores by an amount equivalent to about 40% of the “achievement gap” between Massachusetts’ black and white students.
The paper’s authors, three professors of economics or education policy, explain what happened after Massachusetts raised its charter cap in 2010. The state set rules encouraging successful charter schools—deemed “proven providers”—to seed new campuses. Most follow a “no excuses” framework, with high expectations and a low tolerance for misbehavior.

After the cap was lifted, growth came rapidly. By 2015 the share of Boston’s sixth-graders attending a charter school had risen from 15% to 31%. Yet applications increased even faster, to the point that there were two hopefuls for each open seat. Oversubscribed charters award admission by lottery, which randomizes the results. “Comparing the outcomes of students who receive lottery offers to those that do not,” the authors write, shows “large positive impacts of charter attendance on test scores.

The story is similar in New York and other states with charter caps. Rather than welcoming student achievement at competing schools, teachers unions are trying to stop the success from spreading. They care about their power and money, not students.


If this is the FREE Invotative education you want for your children, please take a moment now to pre-register your child/children for the 2020- 2021 school year. Space will be limited. 803-629-4917 



Meeting with It-oLogy on March 26th, 2019.


Dr. Burgess and I had a wonderful meeting with Lauren Wells and Kristy McLean Tuesday March 26th, 2019.
We were excited and amazed with the programs they have available for teachers and students to assure they are equipped for our rapidly changing world of technology.
We were fortunate enough to observe a class from Manning, SC and see the excitement each student had. Just before we left they had finished coding and making a robot work. Excitement and passion breed learning. We observed that excitement and passion first hand.

"IT-oLogy is building the next generation of IT talent through educational and networking opportunities for K-12 students, college students, educators and professionals. Their goal is to equip every South Carolinian for a successful career in the new technology economy." It-oLogy is working with:
1. Coding
2. Digital Photography
3. Drones
4. Graphic Design
5. Internet Safety
6. Robotics
7. Virtual Reality
8. & More

We are now accepting pre-registration for Bragg Literacy STRrEAM Institute of Sumter’s Free Innovative Charter School. Please call 803-629-4917 today to ensure that there’s a spot available for your child or for additional information.


Movie Night

Family Movie Night


Family Movie Night

Brag Literacy STRrEAM Institute of Sumter in 

Conjunction with the Boys and Girls Club of Sumter

Friday March 8th, 2019

5:30 PM - 7:30 PM

630 South Sumter St.

Sumter, SC 29150

Bring your blanket  and come join us for  night of family fun

Popcorn*Drinks*Door Prizes (for parents)*Treasure Chest for Kids



Call 803-629-4917 for Additional Information

Palmetto Optimist Club Reading In The Park

Palmetto  Optimist Club Reading In The Park Event
Saturday  March 2nd , 2019 at Memorial Park

Brag Literacy STRrEAM Institute of Sumter would like to thank the Palmetto Optimist Club for allowing us to be a part of their Reading in the Park Event Saturday. We look forward to being involved with upcoming events.

Special  thanks to Bonnie Jean Sherbert for all her assistance.


First Annual Kids Fun Day

Kid's Fun Day

Kids Fun Day at the Boys and Girls of Sumter

Brag Literacy STRrEAM Institute of Sumter wishes to thank all the wonderful families that came to our Kids Fun Day. 

We wish to thank the Boys and Girls Club of Sumter For partnering with us and for all their assistance. 

Brag Literacy STRrEAM Institute of Sumter has made a commitment to the children of Sumter County. Please call to for more information or to Pre-register your child to reserve a spot. 

Please check back often for upcoming events. MOVIE NIGHT,


Our Mission Statement


BRAG Literacy STRREAM Institute of Sumter’s Mission is to ensure the success of our students by teaching them core knowledge so that they will be successful well-rounded secondary school students.

Community Meeting


Brag Literacy STRrEAM Institute of Sumter wishes to thank everyone that attended our community meeting on Thursday January 24th, 2019.


Our excitement continues to build as we move forward with our commitment to help each child in Sumter achieve their fullest potential.


 To assure your child has this  

for Education please call 803-629-4917 now to reserve a spot or for child. 


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Kids Love SuperHeroes

Kids look up to superheroes and so do we.  

Sumter County has its own hero for children. Sam Spencer has tirelessly worked to provide the children of Sumter free books; he realizes the importance of literature in building a strong foundation for children.

Sam has been having his book fairs for the past seven years and it is his passion. He originally started in New York after seeing such a great need. He has built a strong rapport with publishers, libraries, and individuals to assure that he has the books available to distribute free to the children.

I ask Mr. Spencer is reason for putting forth such time and effort and his reply was “ It's important to me because too many of our children are falling behind in reading. Instead of picking up books they are reading broken English on social media and that needs to change”.

Sam has already made a generous donation of books to our school and will continue to make sure our Charter School has the the most comprehensive library of any Charter School in the state.

We are proud and honored to have Sam Spencer as a board member on our planning committee.

All of  our board member on the planning committee are super heroes. They work without compensation to better the lives of our children. They know it starts with education. 

We will be highlighting Superheroes for Kids each month.

Brag Literacy StRream Institute July 26th. 2018-Sumter, S.C.

Dr. Burgess and Dean Sonntag, Ph.D.



Dean Sonntag at USC-Sumter met with Dr. Burgess on July 26th, 2018. Dean Sonntag shared with Dr. Burgess his ideas on the role University of South Carolina –Sumter will play in education. Dean Sonntag’s passion for education was obvious and his willingness to utilize USC- Sumter to assist anyway possible to assure that each student has the opportunity to excel. He discussed continuing education for teachers and  programs that they can offer to the students of Sumter.

Dr. Burgess detailed the plan for Brag Literacy STReAM Institute and the role That Brag would play in educating the children in Sumter County. He does not want Brag Literacy STRrEAM Institute to be viewed as competition with the County’s Public Schools. Dr. Burgess’s goal is to partner with the Sumter County School District to offer an alternative choice and by working together Brag Literacy STRrEAM Institute will only enhance the County’s Public Schools to reach their mutual goal of assuring the best education possible for all students.

 Dean Sontag stated he has worked with Charter schools in the past. He was very familiar with what Charter Schools can offer the community and the students. Dr .Burgess appreciated his insight and his warm welcome 

Community meeting on July 26th, 2018 held at USC Campus

Dr. Burgess received a warm welocme fr


Dr. Burgess received a warm welcome from University of South Carolina-Sumter and the community on July 26th, 2028. He found that the community of Sumter is well informed and concerned for their children receiving the best education possible. Each question was well thought and he also found that a majority of the attendees felt a need for a Charter Scholl in Sumter. 

Dr. Burgess went over the proposed curriculum that will focus on, SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, READING, ROBOTICS, ENGINNERING, ARTS, and MATHEMATICS. Our curriculum will be a work in progress to make sure we meet the needs of the students of Sumter County. 

Brag Literacy STRrEAM Institute wishes to partner with the Sumter County School District to work together to do what is the  goals of Sumter County and Brag to assure that each child has the education to become productive adults,to continue their education, and insure their future.

Brag  Literacy STRrEAM  Institute wishes to thank USC-Sumter and especially Paula Epperson for all her work in assisting us and Dean Sonntag for his warm welcome. Special thanks to Mary Blanding with the County Council for all her help.

We wish to thank the attendees for taking time from their busy day to attend our meeting. It was a great pleasures having Margaret Spaulding from Senator Tim Scott’s office attend. Senator Scott and his staff are always looking to improve education in the state. We were also pleased to have to have Bruce Mills form the Sumter Item Newspaper attend.

Dr. Burgess and Dr. Hafner, Assistant Superintendent



Dr. Burgess met with Assistant Superintendent Dr. Hafner at the Sumter County School District Office. Brag Literacy STRrEAM Institute at this time officially submitted their letter of intent. 

Dr. Burgess and Dr.Hafner shared common goals and aspiration for the children of Sumter County. They discussed the proposed curriculum of Brag Literacy STRrEAM Institute and Dr. Burgess welcomed any insight that the School District might provide.  Dr. Burgess’s hope is that Sumter School District will partner with Brag to work together not against each other or in competition with each other. The goals are the same to assure that each student receives the education they need to succeed in life. 

The children that fall short in public schools only have one alternative in Sumter and that is Private Schools. This leaves the children that normally need help the most at a disadvantage. We will fill the gap for the parents that cannot afford private schools for their children the equal opportunities. 

Sumter County School District is not the only means of opening our Charter school in Sumter. We feel this would be the best for Sumer County and the students of Sumter.

Dr. Burgess wishes to thank Dr.Hafner for meeting with him and the warm reception he received 

Dean Sonntag and Dr. Burgess


Brag Literacy STRrEAM Institute


Dr. Hafner and Dr. Burgess



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